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Working at Ask Italian


How do I apply to work for ASK Italian?

If you are interested in working with us we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Careers page where you can check out our vacancies and apply.

Are employees paid minimum wages?

At ASK Italian all of our staff are paid at least the minimum and living wage. We value our team, many have been with us for years and we're proud they have chosen to stay with us for so long.

Do employees receive their tips?

When you’ve had a great time at ASK Italian you may want to thank the team by leaving a tip. At ASK Italian we believe in distributing tips fairly and work in consultation with our teams to ensure we get this right. We’re proud of our policy that enables our individual waiters to be rewarded for their great service whilst also recognising the efforts of the rest of the team who have contributed to delivering your meal –it’s a team effort after all.


Here’s how our tipping policy works:


• We do not suggest a set amount for customers to tip, however for tables of 8 or more, an optional 10% service charge is added to your bill. For these, and any tips paid by credit card, the only deduction we make is on behalf of HMRC to ensure these tips are properly taxed, the rest is shared fully amongst the restaurant team.


• Credit cards tips are distributed via a system known as a Tronc. How these tips are distributed is decided by our company Tronc master, an ASK Italian restaurant manager, through a consultation process with the wider restaurants teams including other managers, waiters and chefs. In short, a system run by our staff for our staff.


• Following a consultation across the business from April 2016 our Tronc Master recommended that the Tronc is now split 50% to the waiter or waitress serving your table and 50% is shared amongst the other non-management members of the team working that day.


• We charge no administrative fees or make any form of deduction other than those required by the HMRC. We aim to be transparent in respect of what we do and our policy on tips is clearly communicated to our restaurant teams as well as on our website, in line with the government’s current Code of Best Practice on Service Charges, Tips, Gratuities and Cover Charges.

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