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Expert Friends

Meet the people who inspire our love of italy

One of the country’s most celebrated chefs, Theo is the man behind our menu. Constantly searching for new dishes, and ways to bring a contemporary twist to Italian classics, Theo is instrumental in helping us capture the true essence of Italian cooking.

Our search for the perfect olive oil led us to brothers Luca and Giuseppe Esposito, from Puglia in southern Italy. They insist on picking and pressing their olives within twenty-four hours of harvest. Their Le Ferre olive oil is so good we wanted to share it, so now you can buy it in our restaurants.

Some say you can judge an Italian restaurant from its tomato sauce. Well, we’re pretty proud of ours thanks to Giorgio and Gilberto Greci in Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy. Their family has been canning tomatoes since the beginning of the 1900s and in August we visit to celebrate the harvest and see how the ripest, reddest tomatoes are picked, peeled, chopped and canned to make our passata di pomodoro. 

There is so much about Italy to love and we want to infuse all our team members with a passion for Italy. So with help from award winning food wine and travel writer, Carla Capalbo we give everyone an 'Italian Education'. It's all sorts of things... Master classes. Wine tasting. Even trips to Italy.